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Our Firm

Charles Leonard Mitchell, Esquire is an experienced litigator, a tough negotiator and effective problem solver.  Persistent in gaining the client's confidence, he is a trusted attorney who will advocate zealously for you and on your behalf.
Our approach to working with any client is to ascertain the facts, understand the client's goals and apply the appropriate law. The judicial system is complex, daunting, and at a best, a meandering maze of legal and procedural complexities. Even  the seemingly simplest of cases can become overwhelming to those with less experience.  Attempting to work through the various stages of the law with little ability or confidence can often leave the novice feeling frustrated, anxious and full of misguided misconceptions. Having navigated the judicial waters countless times in a variety of situations, we know how to avoid the sink holes and ride through the storms. This is what we can do for you.
The firm of Charles Leonard Mitchell, Esquire, has appeared before  the Surrogate's Court within the five boroughs, representing the petitioner/objectant in matters involving Will Contests and Probate; in arbitration involving  employee/labor disputes; New York State Supreme Court, representing clients in divorce and contract disputes; Family Court for clients seeking maintenance and resolving child custody disputes and in New York Civil Court for matters regarding the landlord/tenant, in the boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens as well as providing legal representation for either seller or buyer at the closing table for both residential and commercial real estate transactions.
Over the years we have found that the best way to avoid the expense of litigation (both financially and emotionally) is to hire an attorney at the onset. Our proven track record shows that where we have written the Will, created the Trust fund, negotiated the terms of the Agreement, or "filed the forms" for you, our client's are happier, satisfied with the obtained results and know they have received a service that is of value.  This is what we can do for you and we do it very well.
Another reason to chose the firm of Charles Leonard Mitchell Esquire is, our years of experience in having worked with big name firms allows us to offer you the value of big firm experience at reasonable rates. Experience combined with passion and attention to detail is the reason why the firm of Charles Leonard Mitchell, Esquire not just another law firm and should be your law firm.
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